Tips on how to write your Christian Testimony

One of the most common testimonies that we can hear or read is testimonies of how a person’s life was suddenly changed when he encountered God in his life. These statements are the ones we can usually hear from people as they are always fascinated at about how God brought a major change in their life. Anybody who testified that God is indeed present everywhere seems to always have that excitement and thrill in their testimonies. Of course, imagine going out of your Las Vegas garage door knowing in your heart that you already found the Lord and you are not afraid of sharing his blessing to you. This is an overwhelming experience for others.

So what are the tips on writing Christian Testimony effectively?


Share what made you call on God. Share how hard you struggle while waiting of the Lord and his salvation from your deepest problems. In this way, you can open people’s minds that God is always there to hear your sufferings and your prayers. Share how you have sinned.


Tell everybody how you were able to find the answer to your despair and how God made his way to fulfill your prayers. Focus on how Jesus made the path outside your struggles.


Be reminded that not all of the people who can read or hear your testimonies understand your vocabulary from church. Not all of them are familiarized with what you are talking about. Make sure that the words that you will use are comprehensible enough.

    1. BE HONEST

This is the probably the most basic and most important of all. Tell the truth in your testimony. People would be inspired once they know that everything in your story is a product of what really happened.


Make your testimony as comprehensible as possible. This means you have to make them understand every bit of your story. Provide examples so that they can easily connect with what really happened. Remember that one of your goals is to inspire them. And connecting them to what happened to you will definitely give them a spark of hope regarding their spiritual life.


Do not forget to share a shade of what is your current situation now in your life. Include how better you are doing now that you received the blessings of the Lord. Your readers or listeners would like to know how much have changed in your life after you encountered the Lord and after he made a great difference in your life. There should be progress present so your readers or listeners would be able to connect with you.

    1. PRAY

This is another thing that is entirely important. Make sure to ask for His guidance so He would clear your mind and you can communicate everything you want to say and you would be able to tell everything in your story. Always remember to pray and seek for his blessings.