How can this site help me?

This website can serve as your online diary where you can put your experiences and testimonies testifying the miracles of the Lord. This can serve as your journal where you can put your thoughts and everything that is related to your faith and your acceptance of the Lord’s blessings. You may choose to make your testimonies public for everyone to see and read or private for you to keep your privacy. This website can also be your learning ground as other people from different countries also share their experience and their testimonies.

How can I maximize the use of your site?

We make sure that our website would be accessible and ready to use for our readers. We make sure that no matter where you are in this world, you can understand the language of our website. We have special tabs where you can choose your preferred language. We make sure that people can understand its contents. You can also write your testimonies in different language and make readers understand it as we put translation plug-ins. There are also tabs and sections that you can use to enhance your utility of the website.

Can I place advertisements on your website?

As much as we want to be an open platform for everyone, advertisers are free to place their ads on our website as long as they follow our rules and policies about placing ads.

Can I be updated by your site?

-You may choose to subscribe to our website and receive our updates via newsletters.

Is the subscription from your website free?

We do not charge any fee from our readers who wish to subscribe on our site.

Can I stop subscribing from your website anytime?

Readers may refuse to receive these weekly news letters. Just hit the turn off button for the subscription to stop.

How should I know your editorial staff about my concerns?

For any concerns regarding the contents of Testimonial Shield, you may send your e-mail to editorial@testimonialshield.com