Welcome to Testimonial Shield!

20 years ago, a small group of Christian believers started to ask people of their different experiences with the Lord. They asked each participant what made them believe to the miracles of God even though God is not physically present. These particular Christian believers encourage other people to share their memories with the Lord and how their encounter with him made a huge impact in their lives.

The successful group of Christian believers who tirelessly ask for statements from other Christian believers was successful to start their own website containing the different interviews with people who have the experiences of encountering God.

Testimonial Shield became a digital platform for everyone to share how the miracles of the Lord changed their lives. It aimed to preserve the fascinating stories and words of faith given by people who did not doubt what the Lord God can do. Testimonial Shield became the perfect place where these statements can be kept and can be shared to other people who are also looking for people’s experiences with the Lord.

Testimonial Shield has been serving millions of believers around the world as it aimed to reach millions of engagements through time. It wants people to be inspired by reading and carefully analyzing other people’s testimonies of the Lord’s blessings for them.

Testimonial Shield works like a diary where users can share their faith experiences and they can share them to other people for them to read and be inspired. The website is assured to be user-friendly as it is very easy to use and access.

Testimonial Shield also encourages users to build up their faith by conducting several events where believers do not just put their testimonies online but they recite it in front of other members personally so there will be personal and actual interaction between members.